You can create a wish list and send it to your favourite holds supplier.
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You can create a wish list
and send it to your favourite holds supplier.

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360 Holds is based in Slovenia and we are one of very few brands in the world with our own production. Even more, we are producing 3 types of materials, for more than 15 climbing holds brands, including some of the strongest brands from OI TOKYO22, and with many others which are constantly taking part of world cup and other big IFSC events. See Application Statement how 360 Holds statements in evaluation crtiera - quality of products, uniqueness of shapes and innovations, competition experiences, brand's distribution channels, and brand's identity.


As one of the leading international manufacturers of indoor climbing products, Blocz, founded in Germany in 2013, produces everything a gym needs: volumes, macros and holds in the world's most extensive range of designs and colors. Furthermore we manufacture climbing walls, bouldering mats and frames for your Kilter Board. Besides that, We have put a lot of work into sustainability. We say hello future - goodbye fiberglass with our macros. Their body is made out of 100% recycled industrial waste and is completely reusable.


Cheeta is recognized as one of the leading brands in climbing hold industry. Our well-known suppliers can produce in large quantity and always with high-quality standards. Thanks to our network of 26 distributors spread out over 5 continents and our agreements with wall manufacturers, our products are available fast and all over the world. All our holds are made of PU or a combination of PU and wood to facilitate the mounting of screw-ons. This also allows to replace the wood plates, giving a longer life to the holds and reduce plastic consumption. Our fiberglass and wood products are produced in different places to have enough capacity and create short distribution channels.


eXpression is a 20 years old company created by myself Simon Ravaz in 2003. We have also improved a lot our production processes as we have now 3 plants in 3 different continents producing our products all year long : Europe (mainly CompositeX), North America (Aragon) and Asia (Kastline). With this organization, our production capacity is now really big and the delays are short as we are delivering “locally”. We also have one of the biggest inventory worldwide (2500 fiberglass available in France, still expanding). We also have good quantities available in each factory.


Flathold is a compagny created by Manuel Hassler and Mathieu Achermann. Manuel is an experimentated IFSC route setter and the indentity of the brand, product and innovation are closely connected with Manu's vision which is to create climbing holds and macros that serve a basic purpose: offer to the route setter some tools that inspire mouvements and which are easy to use. Flathold has more than 15 year of experience on the climbing market as well as in the competition circuit. The compagny is a partner of the IFSC as well as USA Climbing since many years and is probably one of the most popular brand in termes of competiton experiences.


Rockcity Climbing Holds is one of the oldest brands in the U.K. thanks to our climbing gym, opened in September 1994. back then we had to make our own holds and walls as our industry was not even really a thing. We have always been interested in what we could make and how it could be achieved. We then started another climbing hold brand 'S7' in the late 1990's with Ben Moon. Fast Forward to 2023 and we have almost 30 years of innovation behind us. Watching and learning as our sport grew we now are able to make some interesting things and continue to push everything forward. Rockcity has been in the OSE catalogue since its inception in 2019 and today we are ranked in Group 1, for all three materials. We were also a T20 supplier for the Tokyo Olympic Games and have been used considerably in most of the World Cup and Championship events in 2019, 2021, 2022 and will continue in this 2023 season. Fibreglass Macros - In quite a short space of time we became good at making unique shapes using more gloss and less texture than most. More importantly we spent a lot of time, making most of the hold impossible to use. This is difficult to manufacture but is essential to the success of our really low profile 'no edge' on the shiny part, whilst maintaining simple and featureless shapes that are designed to make reading the hold very difficult. Plywood Volumes - Rockcity has a very wide range of competition specific plywood volumes. Some ultra low profile that suit less steep angles and some that are roof specific for Lead competitions. All shapes have been used and tested extensively in many World Cups and World Championships in 2021, 2022 and 2023. We are able to produce dual texture sections that are complicated in shape to create new ways to mix up the experience and aesthetic. Polyurethane Climbing Holds - Our final frontier. Rockcity has made a lot of climbing holds for general climbing gym use. Having recently worked to create a mixed media of 'real rock' styles with modern route setting we set out to make 'Gritstone' and 'Fontainebleau' ultra realistic holds that were shaped by route setters and high performing climbers to finally make old school, the new school! Fontainebleau of course being only some 50km form the Paris Olympic venue it's a commentator's 'go to filler' to talk about, as well as being the most technical holds that nature offers. Then finally we have our dual texture, modern, simple continuation of our 'Basics' family and macro range. All of our famous GRP is now available as micro screw-ons, finger holds and smaller shapes to compliment the full range and complete our offer. These holds are screw-on only, even up to 30cm in size, a very non commercial decision to make the purest competition specification dual texture holds for the highest level. These continue to debut across the 2023 World Cup season, finishing off our first four years of World Cup specific equipment.


Also born out of passion in Tirol Austria by Nando Nando Plötzeneder, Reinhard Fichtinger and Gerhard Hörhager. The brand decided to join forces with Schlamberger in 2015 when we successfully relounched it. It is today an essential part of the route setters bucket for competitions and creative route setting which we are very proud of. All the GRP products and wooden products are produced inhouse Schlamberger in Slovenia and the production of the PU line is being carried out for us by Aragon Elastomers in the USA.


You can create a wish list
and send it to your favourite holds supplier.